Everything You Need to Nourish

Guys, this is the bit where I get to share with you the products and services that I LOVE, use in my own life, and genuinely and passionately advocate. Check out the things I use and recommend around building self-sufficiency, holistic wellness, bio-hacking and healthy hacks for your and your family.

Please note: Some of what I share may be an affiliate link, which I may receive a commission for. As with all things, please use your personal discretion to decide if something is right for you, or consult your healthcare professional. Likewise, anything shared via Inspired Affiliate is not to be taken as medical advice.

Nature has always provided everything we need to thrive, on every level of wellness. Whilst this hasn't changed, the way humans have gone about harnessing the abundance of nature, has led to changes in the end product we are consuming.

If you check out our Blog, you will find a growing list of articles around really simple, free (or close-to-it), and effective ways to nourish your holistic wellness on every level.

To help supplement that which we have lost due to the way the Western world lives (out of touch with circadian rhythms, ignoring our quantum biology, eating food-like products, excessive mono-farming culture leading to soil depletion, exposure to constant blue light and EMFS... we could go on) we have a resource here of everything we have personally used, vetted and recommend to help restore wellness to you and your family.

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