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Earthing, or Grounding, is the act of connecting with the earth - walking barefoot, laying on the ground; being in physical contact with earth and the earth’s free or mobile electrons - our lifestyle these days make our contact with the earth less accessible than it once was, and that's where earthing products can supplement these protective, restorative connections.

Studies have attributed multiple physiological changes of clinical significance to Earthing, including reduced pain and inflammation, neutralising free radicals, better sleep, regulation of cortisol production, a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic tone in the autonomic nervous system, and improved immunity.

Earthing Oz has an incredible range of quality earthing mats, bedding, shoes and appliances designed to bring Earth's natural healing energy directly to your body even when indoors.

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Enjoy the health benefits of cold water therapy literally anywhere with the nurecover portable ice bath and accessories.

Cold water therapy, also known as
cryotherapy, is an age-old practice known for it's health benefits that includes reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, aiding muscle recovery and improving circulation.

When you are exposed to cold water, your blood vessels constrict
.and get smaller. When you get out of the water, the change in temperature causes them to rapidly re-open, which can help to flush the muscles' metabolic waste products.

This portable ice bath is a giant insulated cool bag that keeps your water cold. After long-term testing using cold tap water, we found you don't even need to add ice, as it's still cold enough to get the benefits from cold water therapy at 15°C degrees and below.

Discover the benfits of cold water therapy here

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