Here I have included both of the affiliate programs I affiliate for - each one has absolutely invaluable information that will throroughly educate you on affiliate marketing, give you actionable steps to start achieving success, and also offer you an opportunity to affiliate with a high-ticket product.

They are holistic in nature, they break things down into easily digestible sections in a way that just lands - even when you're overwhelmed at the thought of how you would even begin in starting an online affiliate business.

I have gained so much from both of these courses, and I cannot recommend them highly enough; the knowledge acquired, that I continually refer back to, has quite literally changed the course of my life. Each has a different feel and approach, so by watching the free masterclasses you are able to determine what resonates most with you, on your journey.

Whichever you course you choose to make the jump with - one of these, or even another course that you have found on your travels - I really can't emphasize enough how quickly you can fast-track your progress by learning everything you need to know, from those who have gone before you and achieved the results you are destined for.

So excited for you - and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me - either by email or in my Instagram DM's.

The Freedom Era

Ready to affiliate with a high-ticket wellness product that has a commission plan that includes legacy income (willable to your children).

Want an incredible education platform, weekly coaching, done-for-you webinars, systems, sales funnels, even done-for-you sales calls?

You can find all this and more in The Freedom Era.

Freedom Affiliate Launch

Ready to start earning uncapped passive income? Have no idea how to start? Check out the free masterclass for the Freedom Affiliate Launch to learn everything you know to know about beginning your affiliate journey from the ground up!

Learn more here.